Life Groups

Following Jesus Together

:: Life Groups are smaller, relational expressions of Grace and a significant way we are the church together.

:: Life Groups provide a warm and welcoming place to connect. They consist of friends and neighbors who enjoy getting together each week. Many begin their time together with coffee, a meal, or dessert. Life Groups provide an enjoyable opportunity to be known, appreciated, and loved.

:: Life Groups facilitate short, simple, and refreshing times of worship. Some engage God through traditional written liturgies like: Evening Prayer or Compline. Others read aloud the Psalms together. These participatory ways of worshipping God are so helpful that many continue to use them the rest of the week.

:: Life Groups are the optimal environment to grow in relationship with God and one another. This happens in conversation around God's Story. We read, learn, and apply the the Scriptures by discussing five key questions: Who is God? Who does God create us to be? How does sin corrupt our identity? What has Jesus done for us? How we can live in grateful response? By doing so, we experience the Gospel together in ways we cannot alone.

:: Life Groups serve in love to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. They are spiritual families who celebrate birthdays, share needed items, and care for one another when sick. They are missionary bands who make a positive difference in the lives of others by practicing intentional acts of beauty and kindness in the name of Jesus.


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