Leadership Development

Thank you for your participation in the discernment process for the Leadership Community of Grace Northridge. We seek to develop biblically qualified leaders who integrate their faith, character, and influence to extend the Kingdom of God. This starts with a thorough assessment process. Accurate assessment of leadership calling and gifting is important to placement and essential for the health and growth of both the leader and the Body of Christ.

The purpose of the Leadership Development Questionnaire is to get to know you as we prayerfully discern your readiness to be a spiritual leader with Grace. We hope the time and input you invest in this process will be an encouraging and edifying experience for you. This questionnaire is not graded; it is not "pass or fail." Rather, it gives you ample opportunity to express yourself in the areas Grace deems important for those in our Leadership Community. It also brings to light areas of growth. Therefore, please approach each question as an act of prayer and worship.

Please complete all 6 Parts of the Questionnaire. To ensure you do not lose any of your work, we recommend you "cut & paste" each question in a word document (click HERE), complete your responses, and then "cut & paste" all of your answers into the online form. This will also enable you to keep a copy of the Questionnaire for yourself. When you complete each part, please click "Submit."

The information you share will be kept confidential. If you have any questions, please ask. Upon completion, you will be contacted about scheduling a follow up conversation.